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The Free Market vs. The Great Depression

“If Ben Bernanke were my student I would’ve flunked him”
-Peter Schiff

What caused the Great Depression?

There is a clear-cut right and a wrong here.

“Common wisdom” and history textbooks tell us that the Depression was caused by the free market.

But the correct answer is that government intervention caused the Great Depression.

By not allowing the free market to work, Hoover and Roosevelt set the stage for a horrible period in U.S. history. The same thing is happening right now. The government and Federal Reserve all think that that if they “do nothing” things will get worse. And they are right, things will get worse no matter what. But by artificially manipulating interest rates and printing trillions of dollars out of thin air, they are compounding the problem.

These facts should not even be up for debate. There is a clear objective truth here, and the government and bankster crooks are on the side of falsehood, with the mainstream media as cheerleaders for all that is wrong.

Can we stop living in the fantasy world that the government will take care of everything, that the government doesn’t lie, that the U.S. government is virtuous?

To save the economy we will need more than to simply adopt a gold standard. If we just switch to gold and let congress control the game, we are screwed. We must let the free market decide what currency we will use, not some central planning bureaucrats.

There is a chance that the central planners will try to roll out the Amero this year or next. However, why would anyone buy into this sham? Simply changing the name of the currency and what countries it represents does not make fake money real! A first grader could figure this out.

For now, I’m sticking with goldmoney.com and working on Plan B if things go downhill in a hurry here in the so-called land of the free!


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Racing Towards a Depression Amidst Deceit and Propaganda

It’s getting embarrassing to watch the mainstream media cover this economy, which is being destroyed by the government. The government and the federal reserve caused every problem we are facing, and now they are supposed to be the ones to fix it?!?!!

Henry Paulson identifies the housing price drops as the cause of the problems. A sixth-grader could see through this B.S. and ask the next simple follow up question: What caused the housing disaster?

The answer is so simple, but with the propaganda machines in full spin mode at the moment, it is sometimes tough to grasp for some people. The government is now proposing a $700 BILLION bailout. Where do you suppose they get this money? From thin air of course! They simply print the money. And how does that affect your bank account? It shrinks it! The value of your dollars is rapidly depreciating through this abomination. It’s simply a tax on YOU, without the geniuses in D.C. having to say they are raising your taxes.

For some sobering realities, check out Peter Schiff and Ron Paul on their latest appearances on CNN:

Schiff on CNN 9/19:

Paul on CNN 9/19:

Paul on CNN 9/21:

The more the government and federal reserve intervene, the worse this problem will get. Sure, we will have an occasional rally in the market for a day or even a few days, but the fundamentals will win out- and most people, or “main street” will lose.

To keep safe from all this madness, consider buying some gold. Easy to do when you open an account at goldmoney.com.

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“Core” Inflation

“Core” inflation is a term the government made up to cook the books and give us phony numbers and make us feel all warm and fuzzy about the state of the U.S. economy. Real inflation rates are thus concealed.

Core inflation is measured by taking out the index items that are susceptible to abrupt price movements. This will include food and energy (yeah, like those aren’t important!) and other items from time to time. The high oil prices, for example, even though they affect every other price to which gas is a factor (most things), are not reflected in core numbers.

Anytime you hear the word “core” in the mainstream media when a discussion about inflation arises, turn on your B.S. detector and move on!

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