Peter Schiff vs. a Manchild

For some comic relief courtesy of the lamestream media, Schiff goes up against a clown on the auto bailouts and the cause of the Great Depression. I personally think the government needs to do a better job hiring their operatives for interviews like this! Leeb comes across as a child who lets his emotions do the talking.


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Like I was saying, where’s MY bailout??

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Money Rules the World


I was reading my Richard Russell newsletter this morning (, and he quoted a synopsis of an article that I found interesting:

Human Freedom Rests on Gold Redeemable Money
by Hon. Howard Buffett
U.S. Congressman from Nebraska

Reprinted from The Commercial and Financial Chronicle 5/6/48

    “Congressman Buffett stresses relation between money and freedom and contends without a redeemable currency, individual’s freedom to sustain himself or move his property is dependent on goodwill of politicians. Says paper money systems generally collapse and result in economic chaos. Points out gold standard would restrict government spending and give people greater power over public purse. Holds present is propitious time to restore gold standard.”

“Is there a connection between Human Freedom and A Gold Redeemable Money? At first glance it would seem that money belongs to the world of economics and human freedom to the political sphere.

“But when you recall that one of the first moves by Lenin, Mussolini and Hitler was to outlaw individual ownership of gold, you begin to sense that there may be some connection between money, redeemable in gold, and the rare prize known as human liberty. You see, gold is mobility, gold is a passport to move across borders.

“Also, when you find that Lenin declared and demonstrated that a sure way to overturn the existing social order and bring about communism was by printing press paper money, then again you are impressed with the possibility of a relationship between a gold-backed money and human freedom.

“In that case then certainly you and I as Americans should know the connection. We must find it even if money is a difficult and tricky subject. I suppose that if most people were asked for their views on money the almost universal answer would be that they didn’t have enough of it.

“In a free country the monetary unit rests upon a fixed foundation of gold or gold and silver independent of the ruling politicians. Our dollar was that kind of money before 1933. Under that system paper currency is redeemable for a certain weight of gold, at the free option and choice of the holder of paper money.”

Ron Paul was not the first to speak the truth about money and enslavement in congress. This goes to show that even in the early days of the U.S. government taking the dollar off the gold standard, there were a few sober voices of reason who knew that  giving control of the money supply to any one group of people would be a recipe for an unfree society.

At some point in the next few years, the dollar is going to collapse and end up being worth nothing at all. The cameras at that point will turn to the politicians for a “solution”. Is it likely that the politicians will opt for a reasonable and logical solution, like a gold-backed currency? This would mean giving the people more freedom and taking away a lot of their power.

More likely, they will try to push a new currency, like the commonly discussed Amero on is. But the new currency will be the same as the old currency. This Amero introduction may keep the sheeple asleep temporarily, but as it will be fake money just like the dollar, it will have no effect on the sustainability of our system or the inevitability of the value of gold skyrocketing.

Eventually- and this could be a long way off in the future, or merely a few years- reality will win out, and we will be forced to exchange real money for our goods and services. This will result in the U.S. government not being able to wage war when it feels like it- basically the fall of the empire.

Once there is no longer the capability to print money out of thin air, sanity will return. We will not be arguing about war or government welfare programs because there will literally be no money for them, not even the phony money that is currently used to prop them up right now.

Why is it that the government does pretty much whatever it wants?

Why is it that over 90% of the American public was against the bailouts, but congress ignored this and passed the money on anyway?

It all simply comes down to one thing: unlimited ability to print money by the authoritarian sociopaths that call themselves our leaders. This is the enslavement that we live under.

We are living through extraordinary times. We will someday look back at these times, amazed at the foolishness people believed in, the propaganda that was swallowed by the masses, and how an entire generation lost the ability to reason and process logical concepts like the fact that only a system based on real money such as gold and silver will give the greatest amount of opportunities to the greatest number of people.

The best way to get around the system as it stands right now is to start trading in your fake money for gold and silver. Since physical metals are in short supply, a great alternative is to set up an account at


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The Reason Why The Dollar Rally is Phony, and Why The Government Is Out Of Control

The dollar has been rallying the past few months and pushing down the price of precious metals across the board.

Should we think that this dollar rally will continue much longer? Is there any reason to think this rally is sustainable?


The dollar rally is being caused by hedge funds selling everthing and running to “safety”. The dollar is by no means safe, but right now, that’s there’s no choice for these funds but to run to dollars. At some point, all the selling will end, and there will be a rush into real money, and that real money is GOLD.

If you want to know how this will all go down, just turn on the TV and tune in to any major network. Watch the financial show if you can stomach it. They will debate all this nonsense like bailouts and paying for all these government programs. $3 trillion here, 5 trilion there, another 800 billion over there…it’s all so nonchalant on these shows.

But very few in the mainstream (Peter Schiff being a rare exeption) are addressing the elephant in the room. The government HAS NO MONEY! The government must steal money from people to dish out to all these groups (like the banks and the auto companies). Putting aside the morality of this for a minute, how much sense does it even make as a fiscal policy to begin with?

Honestly, if the banks and the autos are getting bailed out with stolen funds, what about everyone else?

I run an internet business selling guides and DVDs on swim training. What if my business starts to slide? Shouldn’t I get some bailout money too, under these principles?

If bailouts are the answer in one arena, they have to be the answer in all arenas.

“What about all the lost jobs?? You certainly don’t want millions unemployed if the car companies go belly up!” cry the pundits.

Again, if this is about unemployment, the government should just bail out any struggling company that has employees!

For example, I employ a designer, a developer, an administrative assistant, and a fulfillment person. If I go under, that’s 4 jobs lost. Why are these people’s jobs less imporant than auto workers? Are auto workers somehow irreplacable?

The government’s actions are going to make this recession far worse- the Great Depression will be a cake walk when compared to what’s coming in the next few years.

I recommend getting gold, and getting it now. Goldmoney is the best place I know where you can buy gold, and you don’t need a ton of money to get an account.


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Schiff Analogies

These are spot on.

We are seeing the falling of the empire, the crumbling of the economy, and the destruction of the dollar. The government and federal reserve know nothing about economics.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Schiff puts it in a way that everyone can understand. Bailouts and printing money are robbery of the American people. Turn off these morons on CNBC and the mainstream media and subscribe to Peter Schiff’s podcast and videos if you want to know what’s going on.

“the problem is our pilot and our co-pilot, Bernanke and Paulsen, don’t know how to fly, I mean they’re blind, they’re drunk. You know, they’re gonna crash this plane even faster!”- P Schiff

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What does an Obama administration mean to you and your life?




These are some of the things I heard being chanted Tuesday night after the election was all said and done, and Obamanation was in full glory mode. I watched the hysterical pundits on TV for a bit and then stopped by a bar, where drunken nonsense actually made the whole thing more tolerable for me (clearly nobody was thinking, and I actually had sympathy for these blind cult worshippers who downed red, white, and blue drinks to honor the new messiah)!

This election was decided by the mainstream media, just as the McCain GOP nomination had been media-driven earlier. It wasn’t hard to present Obama in a favorable light, as the “common man for the common man”, and of course the first black president (as if race should be criteria for anything). He’s undoubtedly the best speaker we’ve seen as president since Ronald Reagan over 20 years ago. Can these orator skills add up to good things for the American people?

There were no discernable differences between the two candidates in terms of policies, and the fact that they both voted for the grand larceny of the American people (aka bailout) a month ago, should tell you all you need to know about these two wanna be Criminals-In-Charge.

In any event, we now have the reality of an Obama presidency. What does it mean to you and your money? To the country? To the world?

A friend of mine sent me his analysis and predictions, and I’d like to go over them and comment:

a) Obama will redefine “upper class” to be like, 100K (that was his original number before the primaries. It was pissing people off so he changed it to 250K. But it will sink back. 100K is not wealthy or even doing well. Its barely subsistence in the Bay Area for a family of four. You can’t buy a home or a new car or take a vacation outside the state on 100K a year, let alone save any money for retirement. I know because I’ve tried. It’s pretty much impossible.

I agree with this prediction. In fact, Obama has already lowered the cutoff for upper class at $200k. It will likely come down further, even as our dollars become worth less. Or worthless!

b) inflation and unemployment both over 10% (largely due to all the bailout/foreclosures/moneyhoarding), but also because capital is already leaving industry and getting into passive investments like government bonds. How can you create jobs and make money cheaper when you only invest in the fake money itself? Or course things will not end well from this cycle.

According to, inflation is already over 10%. The bailouts will just increase this number. We will likely soon end up like Vietnam, which currently has an inflation rate of 25%. This number could get even worse, as Obama is likely to continue Bush’s practice of Zimbawenomics. 2009 will be the year of unemployment. This is what Obama will have to deal with right off the bat. They will blame Bush, but Obama will do exactly what Bush or McCain would do- steal money from the people via taxes and inflation. Jobs will be created via make-work programs, basically creating jobs out of thin air! This type of government action will only intensify the economic downturn that we are in the midst of.

c) warfare and aggression takes a new turn into Afghanistan as Iraq subsides. Gotta keep Haliburton and Blackwater and all the plane, bomb, and bullet manufacturers happy.
Probably they’ll put on a new “terrorist” attack to renew interest in this second round of war.

True, Obama does not in any way, shape or form symbolize peace. In the Clinton years, there was no official war per se, but we know that bombings of Iraq were routine for 8 straight years, we had all those incidents like Kosovo and Somalia that people quickly forget, and meanwhile, the military was simply going to the desert, shooting off rounds and blowing shit up just to keep the money train rolling.

The military-industrial complex owns Obama, just as it did Bush. If they can’t find another war to get involved with, Afghanistan and the so-called “hunt for bin laden” will be the vast majority of “defense funds”. And the same liberals who were screaming bloody murder about Iraq will be claiming this is the “right war” and that it’s “winnable”, forgetting that thousands of innocent people, including children, will be getting their heads blown off and losing limbs. In the mean time, 5 years from now there will still be a sizeable number of troops still in Iraq to “keep the peace” at the permanent U.S. bases.

d) massive food cost increases. It is the next commodity bubble. There will be some litany of excuses, just like there were with oil.

This is almost certain to happen in the next few years. The crash of the dollar will bring the food cost increases on. There will likely be civil unrest in Obama’s first 4 years.

e) massive entitlement program spending, New Deal stuff. Except it will really be more indentured servitude than an industry. essentially he will have to either let all the illegals stay or put Americans to work in low paying yet federally subsidized positions (National Lawn Care?)

The massive spending is the only way they will be able to pretend like the economy isn’t falling apart. This of course is done through inflating the currency, which will sink it FAST. As I mentioned, the federally subsidized positions are inevitable. Roosevelt did this in the attempt to get America out of the Great Depression. Back then, the country had a lot to fall back on, and could tolerate all the nonsensical social programs. This time around, however, our country cannot withstand this amount of socialism. The more the government takes over the economy, the more we will slide into the Great Depression Part II- only this one will last a LOT longer than the first one!

According to Ron Paul, those who control our money, the banking and political elites, are meeting on November 15th about a new monetary system. This will likely be announced a couple of months later. We don’t know what this will be, but for now, the safest thing you can do is to get out of the dollar and into real money- gold!

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Why is gold going down and the dollar going up?

Everybody seems to be wondering this these days.

If the government is printing dollars at the speed of light, doesn’t this mean we should have immediate inflation and gold surging?

Well typically, the answer to this would be ‘yes’, but this market is over the edge in terms of what to expect next. The main reason we have a rising dollar and declining gold price in the face of billions of new dollars entering the market is the hedge funds that are actually forced to sell their gold holdings because of their other losses.

Also, the price of gold in terms of dollars is pretty meaningless. Try buying gold coins on ebay. You will notice that many are marked up at a 50% premium! The true price of gold is far higher than what we’re told, simply because demand far outweighs supply at this point.

Gold has actually been the smallest loser compared with just about everything else.

Once things calm down a bit and there is a shake out in terms of investors in the market, you will see a steady increase in the price of gold. At some point (probably within the next year), we will see violent rallies in gold where it goes up 200-300 points in a day!

Don’t be stuck holding paper fiat federal reserve notes in 2009. Get even a little bit of gold today and protect yourself from hyperinflation that is almost inevitable.

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