As the United States floats on a sea of fiat currency (fake money backed by nothing), we are here in mid-2008 on the brink of a major financial collapse that will reverberate around the world, likely resulting in a global recession and the Great Depression Part II here at home in America. This is mainly due to our government going with the reckless policy of printing billions of dollars (through the Federal Reserve, a cartel of private bankers who control the money supply) whenever it feels like it. Those billions of dollars are printed out of thin air, backed by nothing! So, our country is now around $9.5 trillion dollars in debt and must continue to borrow from Asia at an alarming rate to pay for such blunders as the war in Iraq and the war on drugs.

The point of this blog is to show that, though we are in some treacherous waters, there is a clear way out of this mess- both personally and as a country. That is (mainly), using gold (or a gold-backed currency) as a medium for exchange, buy gold and silver, and make other smart investments that you may not hear about if you strictly pay attention to the mass media.

By going back to the gold standard, the U.S. would be back to being the world leader in innovation, opportunity, manufacturing, and most of all, freedom! By using gold as an exchange, the government can no longer print money at will and create more debt and steal from the people through the invisible inflation tax.

We have options. Since our politicians will not (nor will they ever) do the right thing and let go of the power of the ability to create money from nothing, we turn to the free market. Goldmoney.com is a place to buy gold (and silver) and use “gold grams” for daily transactions, no matter how small those transactions may be (much like how Paypal works). Gold is stored in vaults in Zurich and London. Goldmoney.com is within the law in every way, so the risk of being shut down or raided just isn’t there (like what happened to egold.com).

So my goal is to provide as much information about the economy, world events, politics, legal issues, and freedom issues as they relate to creating a system of exchange where gold and silver (or gold and silver backed tender) are used as mediums of exchange, resulting in a prosperous economy and a truly free country. Additionally, I write about the not-so-well-known investments that can keep you ahead of the game, and avoiding being sucked in to the coming depression.

By the way, I’m 37, and an internet entrepreneur living in San Diego, CA. My hobbies are internet, swimming, surfing, running, hiking, and traveling.


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