Gold Rises, Dow Drops on Obama Inauguration Day

It’s a bad day if you are a a believer in the U.S. economy.

We’ve been hearing about an “Obama rally” coming in the stock market for weeks now. Apparently, Wall Street has already discounted any positive effect Obama could have on the stock market, and the dow is down well over 100 points today already on this day of cult-like worship of this new president.

Gold is also rallying today and up $15 at last check.

What’s going on?

January is typically an indicator of how the stock market will do over the course of the year. Many experts predicted a market rally in Q1 of 2009 just on expectations that the “change” many have been sold on will actually improve the economy.

The developments in the market today are ominous. There is literally nothing positive to look forward to over the next 4 years in the macro economy. We have more of the same, destruction of the dollar, and bye bye economy.

The best thing you can do is hide your assets and buy gold. is a good place to go, or buying physical gold and silver if you can find it. Pay attention to your own micro-economy and try not to focus on the nonsense going on in Washington D.C.


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