Obama and the Decline of Self Ownership in America

I’ve discussed Obama with many Obamamaniacs over the past few month, and I’ve been shocked and amazed at what little they know about him, or why they even choose to support him.

I’ve asked point blank, what are the significant differences between Obama’s and Bush’s policies? Most of the time, I get a blank look or a snappy comment back. The few times that someone comes up with something, it will be a tiny issue like stem cell research (which I believe is up to the states and not the president), or abortion (which only affects a tiny percentage of Americans).

I’ve been scratching my head for months as to how people could believe there is significant change with this incoming president. I have been chalking it up to his cult of personality- it’s not what he says, it’s how he says it.

This is definitely a big part of what is going on, but recently, I have come to the conclusion that there is more.

Obama would like the government to run just about everything it could get its hands on. With Obama and his “team”, there is nothing government cannot do better than the private sector.

Since we have been going down the path of mommy and daddy government for quite some time, people have been propagandized into believing that yes, government IS filled with virtous people who not only want the best for us, but are themselves like magic, special human beings that have powers that us normal folk do not posses.

Believing in this fantasy of politicians-as-magicians has led to many people taking on the attitude of “government will take care of us” or “they’ll figure it out” or “what can government do for me next?”

This is akin to a child who never fully becomes an adult. It’s the 44-year old who got a DUI and needs his parents to bail him out of jail. It’s the 33-year old who still lives with his parents to “save money”. It’s the college student who drives home every weekend to do her laundry and have mom cook for her.

It’s the belief that we need government-as-parents from cradle to grave.

As more businesses become “nationalized”, and more industries get bailed out, the self-esteem of the individual- and the idea that we do indeed own ourselves- errodes away. This trend of Americans’ self esteem in decline has been going on now for decades, but as times get tougher and the media points the cameras towards our so-called elected officials, propagandized Americans who believe what they see on TV fall right in line with the idea of sacrificing their independent minds for the sake of the collective.

This leads to a society of nobody thinking, nobody innovating, and everybody expecting that the “authorities” will take care of things.

So what has happened is that the Obamamania exsits because people simply want to believe that their own life is out of their hands, and some “leader” is going to ride in and save the day- protect them, make everything okay- as mommy and daddy did for so many years.



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2 responses to “Obama and the Decline of Self Ownership in America

  1. Whether you unquestioningly support Obama or have decided he’s useless, is equally ridiculous, given that you haven’t even waited until he’s taken up office to judge him, let alone given him a full term.

    Cynics appear to be dismissing his Presidency before it’s even started, is flawed in itself.

    Almost as flawed as suggesting America is becoming Socialist. Obama would be seen as way too Capitalist, in Socialist nations. I do believe the American Right really needs to investigate the concept of Socialism. By your logic, I may as well refer to Sarah Palin as a Fascist.

    • sportsbizpro

      Can you explain your comment?
      What specifically will Obama do that is different from Bush?
      He’s virtually the same in all significant areas, as far as what he has told us about his plans:
      1) Continuing and even expanding the war on terror
      2) Using the Federal Reserve system to create money out of thin air, stealing it from the people
      3) Supporting the idea of bailing out institutions with taxpayer money
      4) Supporting the idea of a interventionist foreign policy
      5) Supporting Israel no matter what

      Let’s get specific. I don’t care about the word socialism or Sarah Palin (if you read any of my other posts you’ll see I’m clearly not in that camp). Where do you see Obama’s plans succeeding? What has he proposed that you think will actually work to save the economy?

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