Depression? HA!

I just got this newsletter from Matt Furey (, and I believe it sums up the times we live in. Hysterical media creating the illusion that everyone is “depressed” is far worse than what people are actually experiencing.

“Today, my psychic forecast on our nation’s future. But
first, a recap of what is supposedly going on with the

The media is at it harder and heavier than
EVER before. The politicians are talking tough –
and the pundits are telling us how frightened,
scared and depressed EVERYONE is. You can
even feel the nation’s dour, melancholy energy
in the air – two weeks before a full moon.

It’s nuts ‘out there.’ People are freaked out and
don’t know what to do.

Can you blame them when you hear things like

“The greed and corruption on Wall Street must never
happen again.”

Do the politicians really believe what they’re saying.

If so many are corrupt on Wall Street – then why aren’t
any of the accused going to jail. And since when do
you give “greedy” marauders another $700 billion bucks
to “punish” them for their sins.

Could it be that the politicians have their hand in the till,

Personally I’m tired of Obama, McCain and company
and how they’re going to make us happy, healthy
and secure.

Neither will do anything of the sort.

If elected, Obama will most likely get crucified by the
very people who elected him. When people find out he
cannot part the seas, walk on water, multiple the loaves
and fishes, heal the sick or do it for you – it’ll be lights out.

Even Jesus didn’t work enough miracles to satisfy the
masses – and he basically wrote his own death sentence when
he messed with a few peoples’ m-oney. The m-oney changers
didn’t take kindly to being whipped either. Imagine being the
guy who raises taxes in a depression. Yee-ouch.

As for McCain, if he gets elected, he’ll get replaced by
Palin in short order. And the media and private-citizen-hate
-crew will do everything they can to destroy her – as fast
as sub-humanly possible.

Wooooo – what are you saying Furey? Is this doom and gloom
or what.

Not at all.

My message is simple: Don’t place your hope in politicians. Or
the media. Or in all the people out there who are more fearful
than faithful.

Place it in YOURSELF and the Universal Power that runs through
everything in nature. If you’ll do this – I absolutely guarantee
you’ll begin feeling a lot better about what is going on. And you’ll
be in a far more powerful position to FIX your own life – to create
what you want – than you will by hoping and dreaming that
Prince or Princess Charming is coming to save the day.

Look back through history and see that even during the Great
Depression – many, many people made a decision to prosper,
to grow wealthy – to magnetize m-oney – and DID SO.

All who prospered had one thing in common. A belief in oneself.
A belief that transcended tough economic times. A belief that
showed the world:

“I CAN Grow Rich During Tough Economic Times.”

Regardless of where you are right now, you can raise yourself
UP. You can be bigger than the circumstances you find yourself

Go on a “No News Diet.”

Shed the unwanted and unnecessary negativity perpetrated by
the media elite.

Be an idea man… or woman. Never say ‘can’t’ or think in terms of

THINK – then DO.

And no matter how tough it is – no matter how many others are
falling by the wayside – no matter how much you’ve already lost –
make up your mind that you will NEVER GIVE UP.

THINK and ACT as if there is no depression – and the one you
think you’ve been having will leave you. Or the one other people
are having won’t affect you.”


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