Taxes: The Fleecing of Society and What You Can Do About It, Part 2

In part 1 of this series I discussed what taxes really are, what they do to a country, and what they do to your wealth.

I think we can safely say that it is innately diserable in humans to avoid taxes (slavery) at all costs with the least amount of risk. Freedom is natural, whether it’s personal freedom, or its subset of financial freedom.

Freedom from taxes is where we want to be, but how do we get there?

I recommend mass civil disobedience- everyone just stop paying income taxes. The federal government could not stop a movement like this and it would collapse pretty quickly, and we’d all go home happy and a lot richer!

Although I’m serious about our country needing a mass movement like this to bring the system to its knees, the likelihood of it happening anytime soon is pretty small at this point.

So what else can you do?

I’ve got a few ideas:

1. Get your fake paper money into something solid, like gold or silver, and use your cash only for day to day transactions. Buy physical metals or buy online through Eventually, you will be able to use that money for transactions- and keep your wealth out of the hands of the government goons.

2. Start a business. Whatever your business is, you will be able to have endless amounts of writeoffs. Although I make a living with my business, I pay very little in taxes, because I’m not showing much of a profit.

3. Own property (be careful if within the U.S.). You get a nice write-off with the mortgage interest you pay. And if you buy right, you will have an asset that pays you and appreciates in value for years to come.

4. Buy foreign stocks. Europe and Asia specifically. Sell your U.S. stocks before the inevitable crash.

5. Hide your money offshore. There’s no good reason not to do this. Sovereign Society can help you set up overseas in safe havens so that your money is protected and safe from the criminals-in-charge in the U.S.

6. Avoid filling out IRS paperwork whenever possible. There are a lot of false assumptions out there on what you need to do, and what you can skip without getting hauled off to jail. Be off the radar as much as humanly possible. When faced with complying with some tax rule or not, consider your risks but never pay anything in advance just because everyone else is doing it. You may be just sending money in to the government unnecessarily. Take tips, for example. What service employee in their right mind tells the truth to the IRS thugs about how much they earn in tips? The likelihood of a waiter or cab driver getting audited is pretty slim, so under reporting is a risk well worth taking.

7. If possible, get a passport with another country. I have not been successful at this, but some countries allow you to obtain a passport simply if your grandparents were from there. With other countries, you just pay a fee. If things get bad enough here and some future president starts forcing the people to pay up for the decades of government financial stupidity, you will need an escape plan.


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