Bernanke says…

“Look it’s not the dollar, the price of oil is rising in other currencies around the world” meanwhile they pull the quick one over on everyone by failing to mention that everyone else is inflating their currencies as well due to our own central bank’s urging. Just amazing that they get away with this.”

Bernanke also said today, in an exchange with congressman Ron Paul on the House floor, that he AGREES with Paul, that inflation is just a tax on people, and that Bernanke himself is the biggest taxer of all, bigger than congress! Now that inflation just took its biggest jump since 1991, this just may be a bit of an issue.

Well at least the Federal Reserve is coming right out and saying it. They are stealing money from us by inflating the currency. I wonder what would happen if everyone understood what Bernanke just said?  That yes, we are taking your money, what are you going to do about it?

The only real protection from this is to be in gold and precious metals. They can’t inflate gold, as there is a limited supply. As the dollar sinks further, and there is a run to gold, this would not be a good time to be in paper monopoly money!


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