Another Way To Avoid the Recession/Depression: Start an Internet Business

Most of my living is now made from the internet, including my niche website,

Since this blog is about freedom, including financial freedom, and avoiding the tough economic times, it’s important that I mention a way to jump off the sinking ship of the general economy and on to a safety raft. This raft can not only allow you to survive the next few years, but to build a nice business in a growing arena and achieve financial freedom in the process!

The internet is on a blistering pace in terms of new users logging in world wide. Between 2000-2008, there was a 290% increase in internet usage around the world (totally 1.4 billion people online!).

If over the next 8 years we keep up this pace and increase at this same rate, we’re looking at over 2.5 billion new users! And that’s not even taking into consideration population increases, and countries like India and China where the middle class is absolutely exploding.

No idea is too small online, and with this kind of growth, even in an all-out depression in our economy, you can still make money online as internet buying becomes more mainstream every year.

I’ll discuss later the various possibilities of niches, and how you can get started.


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