Got Freedom? 1776, 1913, & 2008

Today is the 4th of July, and of course American Independence Day.

So our ancestors gained independence from Britain because King George wanted to tax the people (something like 1%). This independence seemed to work fairly well (with some notable exceptions) until 1913.

Although there were many bad presidents and some important events leading to the downfall of America (i.e. the Civil War, Marshall law under Lincoln, etc.), 1913 represented the end of a free country and the return to Big Government, and eventually the choking military-industrial complex.

What happened in 1913? Two major changes were ushered in by Woodrow Wilson and congress. The first was the giving complete control of our money supply to a group of private bankers, called “The Federal Reserve”, who were neither “Federal” nor did they have any “reserves”. This group of men (including Rothchild, Warbucks, JP Morgan, and Rockefeller) were able to fool enough congress people and most of the American public that having this federal reserve system would be a great thing for the country.

Since most Americans would be opposed to the idea of having a private banking cartel take control of the money, these bankers shrewdly came out in the media and OPPOSED the federal reserve. When people read that the bankers were against the Federal Reserve Act, they immediately jumped on board. It easily passed in congress, and this cartel was given the highest power in the country, without even an election! (a through discussion of the Federal Reserve’s origins is found in Ed Griffin’s The Creature from Jeckyll Island, also a summary can be found here.)

This lead to the Great Depression, gold confiscation in 1933, gold standard eventually being done away with in 1971, and the runaway inflation and dollar demise we have today ($22 today is equivalent to approximately $1 in 1913, according to The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis CPI calculator).

1913 was also the year the income tax was forced upon the American people. Novels have been written about all the reasons why the income tax is unconstitutional or was never ratified. But the bottom line is, taxation is theft at the point of a gun. When the income tax became law (or at least perceived law), we all became slaves to the government. (interestingly, the income tax started out appearing not so threatening, with tax rates between 1-7% and a 3-page form to fill out. Quickly this grew to a top rate of 67% in 1917 and today we have a complete mess on our hands).

Now, the dollars in our pockets and bank accounts lose value almost daily, through the “invisible tax” of inflation caused by the printing of money out of thin air, backed by nothing.

With the income tax, we have no choice but to give up our money to IRS goons who demand it at gun point.

With the Federal Reserve, we have no choice but to live under this central banking system where a few elites get to print money at will for whatever programs, wars, boondoggles, corporate welfare, etc. they choose- and literally stealing this money from the average American.

Does this give you confidence in the U.S. dollar? Does this give you confidence in the U.S. “way of life”? Not me!

So what can you do? You can of course move out of the country. But really, there’s no place to go (plus you will have to deal with the infamous “exit tax” on your way out).

The best way to deal with this situation is to get into real money. Gold, of course! This will create a protection around you from the madness of government as well as from economic disasters like the one we have looming today.

Happy Independence Day!



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3 responses to “Got Freedom? 1776, 1913, & 2008

  1. kduffey

    Fantastic article. I completely agree and I wish more people understood this.

    Check out my post about everyone looking to government for answers. I’d love to get your opinion!

  2. TM

    Great article. We need to rout these viper bankers out and reintroduce sound money. Enough with their stealing and usurping our Constitution!

  3. MJ

    I agree with your article for the most part, but why would you move out of the country? Gold is a good idea; but in other regards: The responsible thing to do would be to take the initiative and get people with a brain in their heads in the government. Constitutionalists. Real Republicans, not the many liberal goons who call themselves that. Anyway.

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